Biocycle Farm

Biocycle Farm

The Biocycle Farm is a plantation of poplar trees owned by the MWMC. The farm is located on about 600 acres of agricultural land just west of the Biosolids Management Facility, off of Awbrey Lane in Eugene. Nearly 400 acres of poplars were planted in three different phases. The poplars are managed as an agricultural crop, and harvested and sold in the marketplace to provide revenue to offset operating expenses for the farm.

Biocycle Farm MapA citizen advisory committee gave input on reuse options for biosolids which led the MWMC to purchase land for the Biocycle Farm, providing more effective ways for biosolids and recycled water (used for irrigation of trees) to be beneficially used.

The Benefits of Biocycle

Biocycle comes from the processing of biosolids, which are an organic by-product of the wastewater treatment process. Biocycle contains essential plant nutrients and organic matter that is used as a fertilizer and soil amendment. For the last 20 years, the MWMC has provided local grass seed growers with biocycle to fertilize their farms.

Poplar trees grow very rapidly, efficiently consuming the nutrients in the biosolids, at high rates, making the Biocycle Farm a cost-effective method for recycling a wastewater treatment by-product.


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