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The following list includes reports, guides, manuals, and brochures available for download.

Document Size
5 Year CIP 14 KB
2014 Annual Report 5 MB
Audited Financials 2 MB
Biocycle Farm Brochure 813 KB
Biosolids Management Brochure 825 KB
Facilities Plan Fact Sheet 122 KB
Fiscal Year 2015-16 Budget 2 MB
Preliminary FY 2016-17 Budget 1 MB
Financial Plan (2005) 260 KB
GeoDesign Geotech Report 3.7 MB
Industrial Pretreatment Fact Sheet 500 KB
Intergovernmental Agreement (2005) 63 KB
Regional Wastewater Program Monthly Report 6,311 KB
Systems Development Charges Update (2009) 3 MB
Systems Development Charges Schedule (2015) 67 KB
Wastewater Treatment Brochure 2 MB

Facilities Plan

Partial Facilities Plan Update (2014)

The MWMC Facilities Plan is a large document. There are two volumes the Facilities Plan and Technical Memorandums/Appendixes. The volumes are broken down into sections for easy computer accessibility. The sections are based on chapters, tables, and figures of the plan.

Volume 1 of 2
Facilities Plan

Cover, Table of Contents, Exec. Summary Chapter 1: Introduction, Purpose and Need
Chapter 2: Study Area Characteristics Chapter 3: Existing Wastewater Facilities
Chapter 4: Wastewater Characteristics Chapter 5: Basis of Planning
Chapter 6: Alternatives Chapter 7: Recommended Plan
Chapter 8: Financial Strategy Chapter 9: Environmental Report
Chapter 10: References  

Volume 2 of 2
Technical Memorandums and Appendixes

TM1: Wet Weather Peak Flow Analysis TM2: Preliminary Screening
TM3: Flow & Load Projections TM4: Water Quality Regulatory Update
TM5: Pretreatment Expansion Alternatives TM6: Secondary Treatment Alternatives
TM7: Secondary Treatment Alternatives TM8: Secondary Clarifier Alternatives
TM9: Peak Flow Alternatives TM10: Disinfection Alternatives
TM11: Odor Control Alternatives TM12: Thermal Load Evaluation
TM13: Analysis of Biosolids TM14: Biosolids & Effluent Reuse Alternatives
TM15: Biosolids & Effluent Reuse Cost Appendix A: NPDES Permit
Appendix A: Temperature Management Plan Appendix A: Biosolids Management Plan
Appendix B: DEQ Letter Appendix C: Population Projections
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