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Document Size
5 Year CIP 14 KB
2013 Annual Report 5 MB
Audited Financials 2 MB
Biocycle Farm Brochure 813 KB
Biosolids Management Brochure 825 KB
Facilities Plan Fact Sheet 122 KB
Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Budget 11 MB
Financial Plan (2005) 260 KB
GeoDesign Geotech Report 3.7 MB
Industrial Pretreatment Fact Sheet 500 KB
Intergovernmental Agreement (2005) 63 KB
Systems Development Charges Update (2009) 3 MB
Systems Development Charges Schedule (2014) 67 KB
Wastewater Treatment Brochure 2 MB

Facilities Plan

Partial Facilities Plan Update (2014)

The MWMC Facilities Plan is a large document. There are two volumes the Facilities Plan and Technical Memorandums/Appendixes. The volumes are broken down into sections for easy computer accessibility. The sections are based on chapters, tables, and figures of the plan.

Volume 1 of 2
Facilities Plan

Cover, Table of Contents, Exec. Summary Chapter 1: Introduction, Purpose and Need
Chapter 2: Study Area Characteristics Chapter 3: Existing Wastewater Facilities
Chapter 4: Wastewater Characteristics Chapter 5: Basis of Planning
Chapter 6: Alternatives Chapter 7: Recommended Plan
Chapter 8: Financial Strategy Chapter 9: Environmental Report
Chapter 10: References  

Volume 2 of 2
Technical Memorandums and Appendixes

TM1: Wet Weather Peak Flow Analysis TM2: Preliminary Screening
TM3: Flow & Load Projections TM4: Water Quality Regulatory Update
TM5: Pretreatment Expansion Alternatives TM6: Secondary Treatment Alternatives
TM7: Secondary Treatment Alternatives TM8: Secondary Clarifier Alternatives
TM9: Peak Flow Alternatives TM10: Disinfection Alternatives
TM11: Odor Control Alternatives TM12: Thermal Load Evaluation
TM13: Analysis of Biosolids TM14: Biosolids & Effluent Reuse Alternatives
TM15: Biosolids & Effluent Reuse Cost Appendix A: NPDES Permit
Appendix A: Temperature Management Plan Appendix A: Biosolids Management Plan
Appendix B: DEQ Letter Appendix C: Population Projections
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