About the MWMC


MWMC History

The MWMC was formed in 1977 through an inter-governmental agreement between Lane County and the Cities of Eugene and Springfield. The MWMC was created to construct and operate the regional wastewater facilities for the Eugene-Springfield area.

A History of Water Quality Improvement

Willamette River1950: Eugene and Springfield dispose of wastewater direclty to the Willamette River.

1972: Clean Water Act passes, establishing new requirments for wastewater treatment.

MWMC formed 19771977: City officials decide a new regional plant is needed to serve wastewater disposal needs of the growing region; MWMC is formed.

1979: Groundbreaking begins for the regional wastewater treatment plant.

Installation of East Bank Interceptor1984: New wastewater treatment plant comes online.

1989: Biosolids Management Facility begins operation.

1997: Complete the Water Pollution Control Facility Master Plan, which initiates the Facilities Planning Process.

Inside dewatering facility2000: Biosolids Dewatering Facility constructed.

2001: Wet Weather Flow Management Plan is developed.

2004: The Commission adopts the "Facilities Plan," a roadmap to meet the community's wastewater needs until the year 2025.

Planting poplars at Biocycle Farm2004: First phase of Biocycle Farm is planted.

2006: Major construction begins at the treatment plant to deliver on "Facilities Plan" improvements.


Influent Pumping and Headhworks Expansion prject complete2010: Completed influent pumping and headworks expansion project, allowing more flow to enter the plant during wet weather, high-flow events.

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