About the MWMC


MWMC History

The MWMC was formed in 1977 through an intergovernmental agreement between Lane County and the cities of Eugene and Springfield. The MWMC was created to construct and operate the regional wastewater facilities for the Eugene-Springfield area.

A History of Water Quality Improvement

Willamette River1950: Eugene and Springfield dispose of wastewater directly to the Willamette River.

1972: Clean Water Act passes, establishing new requirments for wastewater treatment.

MWMC formed 19771977: City officials decide a new regional plant is needed to serve wastewater disposal needs of the growing region; MWMC is formed.

1979: Groundbreaking begins for the regional wastewater treatment plant.

Installation of East Bank Interceptor1984: New wastewater treatment plant comes online.

1989: Biosolids Management Facility begins operation.

1997: Complete the Water Pollution Control Facility Master Plan, which initiates the Facilities Planning Process.

Inside dewatering facility2000: Biosolids Dewatering Facility constructed.

2001: Wet Weather Flow Management Plan is developed.

2004: The Commission adopts the "Facilities Plan," a roadmap to meet the community's wastewater needs until the year 2025.

Planting poplars at Biocycle Farm2004: First phase of Biocycle Farm is planted.

2006: Major construction begins at the treatment plant to deliver on "Facilities Plan" improvements.


Influent Pumping and Headhworks Expansion prject complete2010: Completed influent pumping and headworks expansion project, allowing more flow to enter the plant during wet weather, high-flow events.

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