About the MWMC

Regional Wastewater Rates

Wastewater fees support the regional wastewater program’s purpose of protecting our community’s health, and the local environment including the Willamette River – an important recreational asset.

Wastewater fees are billed to all users connected to the Eugene/Springfield regional wastewater treatment plant. Customers pay a combined fee that includes a basic charge and a flow-based fee each month, calculated on the amount of water used and the customer category.

The Commission sets regional rates in order to maintain adequate revenues to meet existing bond conditions, maintain the community’s regional wastewater treatment system, and maintain a favorable credit rating. Moderate rate changes are made annually to avoid rate spikes and to position the MWMC for potential future bond issuance in support of wastewater capital improvements.

Local Rates

The cities of Eugene and Springfield provide local wastewater collection services and have a local flow-based fee as well. The regional and local fees are combined into one charge and can be read on your Eugene Water and Electric Board or Springfield Utility Board bill.

City of Eugene rate brochure
City of Springfield rate brochure





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