Willamette River
We Clean Water
Log Truck with harvested poplar trees
Aerial of Eugene, Springfield, and Willamette River
Our Commitment

We are committed to protect our community's health and the environment by providing high-quality wastewater services to the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area in partnership with Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County.

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Tour at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
Community Education

We strive to increase awareness of the MWMC and its role in the health and vitality of our community and environment through engaging communication and outreach programs. To help achieve this we launched the MWMC's Facebook and Twitter social media channels plus refreshed our website in 2017.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant
Protecting the Environment

In carrying out the daily activities of managing the regional wastewater system, we strive to achieve and maintain environmental standards. The MWMC is committed to clean water, community health, and the environment. In 2017, we were recognized with a Peak Performance Award for our efforts.

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Biosolid Management Facility
Sustainable Practices

The MWMC is committed to be a regional leader in effective and sustainable wastewater treatment practices that help protect our environment and save cost for our customers.

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Cut Poplar Trees
Poplar Tree Harvest
In 2017, we harvested approximately 120 acres of 10-year old poplar trees with many sold for plywood veneer.
Log Truck with harvested poplar trees
Operations & Maintenance Building Rendering
Operations & Maintenance
Buildings Improvements Project
Summer 2017, we broke ground and started this 3 year project and continue to make progress towards completion.
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Digester Construction
Digester Construction Project
We're adding a fourth digester to increase capacity to meet future demand as our area population grows. When construction is done we'll have the capacity to process 4 million gallons of biosolids.
Construction of 4th Diegester
Biogas Pump Station
Renewable Natural Gas Project
We started work in 2017 on exploring converting methane gas generated during processing biosolids to natural gas. The Commission will make a decision in 2018 on whether to proceed or not with building of the needed infrastructure for the conversion.
Construction of 4th Diegester
Watering Hose Reels
Recycled Water Project
We've been using recycled water for several years for watering the poplar trees at our Biocycle Farm. Now we are going to continue to explore options for other uses of recycled working with both public and private partners.
Watering of poplar trees
Willamette River
Fiscal Management
Every one of us uses water. Used water or 'wastewater' must be cleaned before being returned to the Willamette River. If you use the MWMC regional system, your wastewater user fees support protecting our community's health and local environment including the Willamette River.
Aeration Basins