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Our Mission is to protect our community’s health and the environment by providing high-quality wastewater services to the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area in partnership with Eugene, Springfield and Lane County.

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Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission
2019 Annual Report
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Our Commitment

We are committed to protect our community's health and the environment by providing high-quality wastewater services to the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area in partnership with Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County.

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Community Education

The MWMC regularly implements community education through events, presentations and plant tours. Additionally, we offer our annual Clean Water University to all 5th grade students in the Bethel, Eugene and Springfield School Districts. Each year hundreds of students attend this event to learn about their local storm water, drinking water and wastewater systems.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant
Protecting the Environment

We strive to achieve and maintain the best environmental standards in our daily work as we responsibly manage the region's wastewater. The MWMC is committed to clean water, community health and the environment. In 2019, we were again recognized with a Peak Performance Award for the 12th consecutive year.

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Biosolid Management Facility
Sustainable Practices

Since its inception MWMC has been committed to providing high-quality wastewater services while being innovative in its techniques. We implement practices that help protect our environment while ensuring fiscal responsibility to our customers. For 31 years, we've been diverting valuable biosolids from our wastewater treatment process for beneficial reuse purposes at our local Biocycle Farm and other local agricultural lands.

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New Infrastructure
In 2019, work was completed on the Operations and Maintenance Buildings Improvement Project including additions to the existing Maintenance Building and the construction of a new Water Quality Laboratory. These two new spaces include additional functionality and a larger footprint to help support the MWMC mission of cleaning water.
Log Truck with harvested poplar trees
Operations & Maintenance Building Rendering
Renewable Natural Gas
Starting in 2017 the MWMC began work with a consultant team to investigate purifying biogas-a byproduct of the wastewater treatment process-to produce renewable natural gas.  In 2019, it was determined, in consultation with the Commission, to be in the best interest to move forward with the production of renewable natural gas for delivery into the NW Natural distribution system. Construction is planned to begin in the summer of 2020 with the intent of producing pipeline quality gas in 2021.  
Digester Construction
Planning for Resiliency
Throughout 2019, the MWMC project team worked with a consultant to identify system vulnerabilities of the plant and other critical infrastructure particularly as it pertains to flooding and seismic disasters. The consultant team created a draft “Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan” dated December 2019 with recommended improvements for consideration to address MWMC “level of service” goals to operate after a major flood or 9.0 magnitude earthquake.
Construction of 4th Diegester
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Pollution Prevention

Each of us has a role in keeping our environment and local waterways healthy. Each year, we spend time educating individuals and businesses through pollution prevention campaigns for proper disposal of items like FOG (fats, oil, grease), prescription drugs and chemicals.
Since creating our own FOG Kits in 2018, we have handed out almost 2,500 of them and, because of this success, ordered another supply of 2,500 in 2019.

Watering Hose Reels
The Commission consists of a 7-member panel, representing the regional partnership of Eugene, Springfield and Lane County. The Commission meets with staff monthly, to stay informed on daily operations, capital projects and any other MWMC planning, plus give input as needed. Community members are always welcome to attend these public meetings and learn more about the work MWMC is doing.
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Willamette River
Fiscal Management
Whether it's returned to the Willamette River or recycled for Biocycle farm irrigation, all used water or 'wastewater' that comes from your home or business must first be cleaned; this is a federal requirement. Your monthly bill from SUB or EWEB includes this portion of the cost, which is based on how much water goes down the drain for cleaning.