Community Partnership

The MWMC is a cooperative community partnership. By sharing resources and responsibilities, the MWMC streamlines services, maximizes investment, and meets or exceeds environmental quality regulation. All of this benefits each of our partners (cities of Eugene and Springfield and Lane County) while improving the quality of life in our community.

Lane County and the cities of Eugene and Springfield function collectively to provide our area with safe water.

Mission: To protect our community’s health and the environment by providing high-quality wastewater services to the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area in partnership with Eugene, Springfield and Lane County.

Vision: The MWMC will be recognized as a leader in protecting water quality through sustainable and fiscally responsible practices.

Values Statement: The MWMC strives to provide high-quality services that achieve, sustain and promote balance between community, environmental and economic needs while meeting customer service expectations.

Clean Water
Protecting Community Health
Providing Excellent Customer Service
Sustain Environmental Stewardship
Collaboration with Partners
Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility

Strategic Plan
The MWMC embarked on a strategic planning process in early 2020, developing a Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. The plan outlines the MWMC’s key outcomes as they relate to our Mission, Vision and Values, along with the MWMC’s foundation of a successful intergovernmental partnership. The MWMC continues to implement the strategic plan in conjunction with the performance indicators included in the Regional Wastewater Program Budget and Capital Improvements Plan.

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City of Eugene

The City of Eugene operates and maintains the regional wastewater facilities, which includes the treatment plant, the Biosolids Management Facility, the Biocycle Farm, the Beneficial Reuse Site, the pump stations and the transmission sewers. In addition, major equipment replacement, infrastructure rehabilitation programs, and laboratory services are also managed by the City of Eugene.

City of Springfield

Administration of the MWMC is provided by the City of Springfield. This includes legal and risk management services, financial management and accounting, budget and rate development, public policy development, intergovernmental coordination, and public education. The City of Springfield also provides long-range capital planning, design, and construction management.

Both cities have Industrial Pretreatment Programs that work closely with each other.